Offre strategy+BI

  >>> Put HR at the heart of strategy and business performance thanks to “business Intelligence” :

→ Choose a set of indicators which highlights the 4 generic stakes derived from the “Balanced Scorecard” approach:

  1. Get the right competences, at the right moment, the right place, with a good level of motivation
  2. Optimise the HR services and improve their efficiency
  3. Ensure that HR processes meet customers’ demands (managers and employees)
  4. Feed strategic thinking, control the strategy implementation and ease decision making with their related human dimension

→ Conforming to total quality et for their good application:

  • Establish customer specifications regarding HR services
  • Put in place measurements to control processes
  • Start a progress momentum in the framework of corporate strategy
  • Promote prevention et anticipation rather than repairing

→ Supported by “state-of-the-art” technologies in correlation with an integrated HR information system:

  • Data warehouse
  • Exhaustive and pre-designed data model
  • Userfriendly request tool



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