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  >>>  Consolidate & dynamise competency management/logistics :

→ Posess simple mapping tools at the core of all HR processes

  • Establish a shared vocabulary between all the parts of the corporation, giving priority to operationals’ visions and needs
  • Establish a dynamic job inventory which incorporates professional contents, contextual nature or responsibility level of jobs
  • Adopt an approach which values generic and progressive accuracy
  • Take care of the good assessment of proficiency levels

→ Build continuously on the job and competency maps

  • Put maps at the heart of HR processes (recruitment, mobility, training, development)
  • Have the job & competency maps appropriated by operationals (managers)
  • Build expertise networks
  • Step in knowledge management dimension

→ Express strategy in terms of jobs and competencies

  • Translate strategic plans in terms of professions, jobs and competencies
  • Implement action plans to strengthen or acquire strategic competencies
  • Allow employees to be the key players of their personal development

→ Consider the HR function as a logistical function

  • Perform the best sourcing of competencies, internally or on the external market, via appropriate channels
  • Control flows (in and out, in terms of persons and competencies) both in quantitative and qualitative terms thanks to a dash-board

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