Offre service

  >>> Develop the service offer and the image of HR function :

→ Listen to “customers” and give them a clear vision of HR services

  • Ellaborate with them an inventory of their needs to build service specifications
  • Have a set of indicators which allows to assess customer needs, level of activity, possible dysfunctions and customer satisfaction
  • Choose the organisation which allows proper continuity of service

→ Step into the logic of “shared service centre”

  • Industrialise/standardise relations with customers
  • Build on efficient tools
  • Develop a service offer

→ Put the HR function “ahead”, in corporate communication
therefore on the intranet (or internet for external applicants)

  • Have intranet as the natural access point to HR information and processes
  • Publish corporate instructions
  • Educate on HR policies and give “meaning” to political orientations
  • Give visibility to all non-confiential information

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