Offer anticipation

  >>> Anticipate technological social and environmental issues :

→ Consider the pending digital transformation and ease its implementation.

→ Help to raise awareness of increasingly pressing environmental contingencies.

→ Develop and value corporate “citizenship” dimension of corporations in strategy et HR matters.

————————  Provide answers to following questions  ————————–

  • Can we succeed in identifying the contours of pending technological and digital mutation? What are its impacts on everyday life at work – external relations, internal relations, processes, corporate/interpersonal/hierarchical communications? What effects on work and jobs both quantitative et qualitative?
  • Where do we stand regarding digital mutation? How should it translate to my company/organisation/function/job? What percentage is already achieved? What difficulties/struggles to reach a 100% digital scheme? What would be the indicators/dash-board?  What part can I claim in this evolution?
  • How the environmental constraints will force us to change? What scale? How apprehend and measure the phenomenon? How does-it impact the business: its financing, its markets, its production/manufacturing modes, its employees? At what speed? How to make it a strategical input? How can we anticipate these changes?
  • Beyond legal obligations and their own usual operational concern (market, products, margin, sustainability), do corporations consider their “citizen” responsibilities? What are they? How to incorporate these into management values and operational objectives? How to raise awareness and mobilise management and employees? How encompass this into a competency prospective: how to prevent possible redundancies; how to figure future and new jobs; how to cope with reduced employment prospectives?


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