HR Competencies                                                                            >>> achievements
Training Design and animation of sessions
Development Conception and implementation of individual as well as collective action plans. Assessment of target populations. People-reviews organisation.
Recruitment From recruitment plan to candidate hiring, managers and professionals.
Administration Head-count control. Implementation of dash-boards and indicators.
Customer-relationship spirit with management team.
Tools & methods design Re-design of HR processes to support both stronger collective and individual management of employees. Introduction of new technologies.
Communication                                                                              >>> achievements
Communication plan
Design, implementation and follow-up of communication plans, multi-media et multi-targets.
Conception/animation of supports et events Design, pilot and assess communication actions.
Writing Interview, information collection, analyse, writing of articles on management, business , HR policies.
Consulting – Organisation – Project                                                      >>> achievements
Proposals & offer policy
Collection of needs, writing and presentation of consulting proposals. Design of a offer policy with promotion actions.
Project plan &
business case
Project plan design. Estimate and selling to decision makers.
Project management
Conception of project monitoring means. International project team and correspondents leading.
Organisation audits
Data collection and analysis. Conception of target organisation, benefits, implementation plan.
Specification of needs Needs collection. Specification writing.
Process design
Reshaping of organisation processes thanks to new technologies, reduction of interface, productivity improvements.
New technologies Conception and launching of intranet/internet sites
(share documentation, deliver management and training systems and tools).
Information systems
Design of databases. Implementation of ERP (PeopleSoft RH).
IS architecture
Optimisation of cross-functional data transfer based on a meta-directory approach.

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