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Since 2008, I have been working at the design of a tool which meets the requirements of a realistic jobs and competency approach and planning. My IS partner is Binary Concept for the development of the application platform. It has been labelled “2REC” (Répertoire Relationnel des Emplois et des Compétences).

This tool is, first, an help to elaborate the conceptual objects that job types and competencies are. Because a real management can only be based upon properly designed, defined and labelled objects which can be visualised and quantified!

A tool which is supported by a fully relational database to offer no alternative to rigour, to step out of approximate searches based on key words and which do not allow easy and objective comparisons.

And also a tool which is user-friendly, intuitive to all, and helps visualise all the related attributes of a job (of a profile and of a job opportunity). A collaborative and communication tool to share design, vocabulary and vision with concerned operational managers.

At last, a tool which supports a clear and pragmatic prospective vision – without which, any job and competency planning (offensive as well as defensive) will miss its target to foster concrete action.

To conclude this first introductory page : a tool which displays and legitimates the competency approach led by the HR function !

Here below, two PDF presentations to give you an insight:



The competency approach made obvious!